Quick Facts
  • I am a photographer addicted to making portraits. People always surprise me. 

  • Photography also gets me into to fun and sometimes scary situations like right in front of a tire blowing out or behind a group of horses on the street. 

  • My friend Rebecca and I co-own a shop called Non Society Hands. It is a fun mix of vintage clothes, art, gifts, and more. We met doing the Less Than 100 pop-up shop in New Orleans. 

  • I listen to many podcasts- my favorites are My Favorite Murder, My Dad Wrote a Porno, and You Must Remember This.

  • Raised in Iowa, I’ll always love a souped up vehicle. My current love is a Chevy S10 I got in Houma. 

Official Bio

Tammy Mercure (1976) was named one of the “100 under 100: The New Superstars of Southern Art” by Oxford American magazine. She has been featured on CNN Photos, VICE, Daily Mail, NPR Big Picture Show, and more. She was published in the Guardian UK (Big Picture), Darwin magazine, and in the book “Place, Art, and Self” by Yi-Fu Tuan. She has a BA from Columbia College Chicago and an MFA from East Tennessee State University. She lives in New Orleans, Louisiana and is a member of Antenna Gallery.


New Orleans, LA