Quick Facts
  • Sam runs Little Histories – a design and illustration company that is mostly focused on architectural drawings (and products from those.)
  • She also works as sales manager for local stationery and gift company, Lionheart Prints as well as a studio manager and designer for local firm, Chris Fettin Design. 
  • She got her BFA in graphic design from Northern Michigan University (brrr…) and began a master’s at the University of Illinois but soon thereafter decided that school is for squares and quit. (She doesn’t really think it’s for squares, academia is super cool.)
  • She has a cat named Potato Cat who is a super perfect angel baby.
Official Bio

Sam Randolph (girl Sam, not boy Sam) lives in New Orleans, Louisiana and splits her time between Little Histories (her own personal company) and two other part-time jobs, but they’re all great so she doesn’t complain THAT MUCH about being super sleepy all the time. She has a BFA in Graphic Design from Northern Michigan University and moved to New Orleans after finishing school. Sam has a deep love for illustration, architecture, and tiny things and puts all of that love into Little Histories with illustrations, products, and commissioned work. 


New Orleans, LA