Quick Facts
  • Bridget is a freelance graphic designer based out of Hattiesburg, MS, under the business name Loop and Blend and also owns a small business on etsy which includes her fiber art, BlendingbyBetty. 

  • Bridget works mostly with small handmade boutiques on branding, to see past the cheap alternatives and really develop a story that is theirs and their shops. 

  • She loves traveling and taking photos and has been to 4 different continents, 18 different countries, and an infinite amount of cities outside of the US, all on a freelancers budget! 

  • She can’t get enough of listening to books on Audible and loves a good book suggestion!

Official Bio

Bridget Prater loves color and math, its as simple as that and knew she would be a designer/artist from the day she picked up a pencil and started drawing. She received her BFA in Graphic Design from the University of Southern Mississippi and is currently looking into Grad schools. She has over 5 years of experience in the freelance world of graphic design working with businesses as small as handmade, homegrown boutiques to as large as fortune 500 companies. She uses her fiber art as an alternative to the everyday computer screen hustle to get a break and explore colors in a different more hands on world, working with textures and found materials. She loves working with individuals on making their dreams come to creation.


Hattiesburg, MS