black lives matter

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The We Love You Project is a simple but powerful reassurance to our black boys and men that even though it feels like we are being murdered and destroyed constantly, we are still a part of a larger community that loves and supports us.

personal branding

Building a personal brand is really about taking the time to understand yourself and what you have to offer.

Personal branding is your reputation; how others perceive you. It is how you project your message and your image which assists others to form an impression of you. It is what you’re associated with and what you are known for. It also helps to manage misinformation. In its simplest form, it involves presenting yourself the way you would with your own company brand.



Grace Coddington, former Creative Director for Vogue is perhaps one of the most interesting people in the world. In her memoir she talks about her career as a fashion model and these pictures blew my mind.


We lose our temper because we believe that things should be perfect. We’ve grown so good in some areas (putting men on the moon etc.), we’re ever less able to deal with things that still insist on going wrong; like traffic, government, other people… We should grow calmer and more forgiving by getting more realistic about how things actually tend to go.

Ten Virtues for the Modern Age, by Alain de Botton

professional traveller

Since June 2014, Nina has been on the road and documenting the results, connecting with readers through her website. But while being a digital nomad seems like a flexible fulfilling job, it’s still work. Here’s what the life of a travel writer really looks like.

…it’s actually really, really hard work! When I’m on an assignment my days often start at 6am, and from that moment on I am furiously meeting and greeting, taking notes, snapping images and filming. I cram as much as possible into the day before collapsing into bed at 10pm after collating said notes and pictures and videos, to try to get enough energy to do it all over again the next day. It’s a hard slog, and you couldn’t do it if you didn’t love it.