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As many of you know, I’m one of the co-founders of VenturePOP, a two-day conference designed to gather creatives with the guts and grit to grow their businesses. It’s happening in New Orleans, September 17 and 18 and will feature a lot of top-notch speakers from across the United States. Not only is VenturePop on a mission to teach and inspire but we’re also committed to bringing the creative community together. That’s why we’ve launched the BOGO initiative.

If you purchase your ticket before August 5th, you get another ticket for FREE to bring a friend, colleague or business buddy OR you can have us donate your extra ticket to a local student.

I’d be honored to have your support in one of the following ways:

1. Purchase a ticket.

2. Help spread the word on Social Media. You can share this post on Facebook and retweet this post on Twitter.

3. Make a donation. Even if you can’t make the conference, you can support local creative economy.

This Week’s Lesson

Curious Tribe-Style-guide

Some people say there’s nothing new under the sun. I still think that there’s room to create, you know. And intuition doesn’t necessarily come from under this sun. It comes from within. – Pharrell Williams

The Power of Words

How to Write with Power and Authority, Even if You Feel Like a Nobody

So, how do you write with substance?

  • Have a clear purpose for each piece of content — how will you help your readers?
  • Create a list or mind map of what you want to include in your article.
  • Review your ideas and narrow down your topic — an initial mind map is often too unwieldy, so cull irrelevant ideas that lead readers astray.
  • Revisit your content’s purpose — will your content deliver on your promise? Will you solve a problem?