Quick Facts
  • Amanda founded The Call List to be a conduit for creators, experts, artists and more to intimately engage their audiences through 2-way livestream events
  • She gets geeky with collaboration and loves to draw inspiration for solutions from seemingly unlikely sources
  • She believes getting actionable feedback through “pretotyping” as early as possible and seeks mentors of varied persuasions, cultures, ages, and skill sets
  • Amanda is passionate about spending time with groups that empower young people through education and exposure to a world of possibilities 
Official Bio

Amanda received her undergraduate degree in Philosophy from Rhodes College; taking time to study abroad at St. John’s College, Oxford University and in Sicily. She began her career in Public Relations for Neiman Marcus and spent 8 years as a management and strategy consultant within Fortune 100 and 500 companies. Amanda has lived in Boston, Chicago, New York, New Orleans, Memphis and St. Louis. She’s inspired by passionate people and enjoys helping them materialize their vision through business consulting or identifying natural partnerships. As Founder & CEO of The Call List, she is able help people optimize their digital audiences through monetization of livestream performances and presentations; which offer app participants exclusive, intimate interactions with hosts.