Quick Facts
  • I run a branding studio called Little Trailer Studio. The name stems from my first childhood home which was a little yellow trailer in Goleta, CA.

  • I consider myself to be the ultimate flaneur and city girl and enjoy spending my weekends exploring neighborhoods in Los Angeles and being a tourist in my own city

  • On any given day you can find me taking a beach break and talking to the neighborhood cat.

  • One of since moving into my studio apartment is to get it featured in The Everygirl (maybe this year it’ll finally happen!) 

  • I love reading about the universe even though I don’t always understand it. 

Official Bio

I started Little Trailer Studio because I wanted more control in the types of clients and business I want to work with. I am passionate about helping the budding entrepreneur make their dream business a reality. I help businesses stand out from the crowd, find their niche, and level up their business through branding and strategy. Basically I make sure that when you share your biz to the world, your ideal audience will connect with you, and your brand will stand out from the crowd because the foundation we’ve built together highlights what makes you unique and your brand looks stellar both online and off! 


Santa Monica, CA