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Trevor Mark Photography
Photographer Trevor Mark

New Orleans-based photographer Trevor Mark embodies what it means to be a freelancer. He specializes in beautiful wedding photography that reflects the emotion of the moment. Beyond that he’s built a portfolio of natural lifestyle photos that feel authentic and full of joy.

“Beauty can be seen in all things. Seeing and composing that beauty is what separates the snapshot from the photograph.” – Trevor Mark Ekanger

Image via @sara_gabriellas




Curator Maceo Paisley

Maceo Paisley embodies the term “creative entrepreneur.” He’s a singer, a dancer, and a model. He also runs a print magazine. Most recently, he’s worked with Teresa Hu to launch Nous Tous, a gallery and retail space located in Old Chinatown, Los Angeles.

The duo has partnered to create products and experiences that invite patrons to think critically and familiarize themselves with their own intuitions in the hope of building empathy and finding creative identity.

Nous Tous is a retail gallery and cultural exchange that works to support emerging creative talent and serve as a stepping stone and creative think tank to explore new career paths in the fields of art and design.





Digital Entrepreneur Regina Anaejionu

The internet is full of it’s fair share of online entrepreneurs, but Regina Anaejionu is the real deal. She helps coaches, teachers, and digital nomads that want to profit from their knowledge + passions in a purposeful and authentic way. She creates epic content and hosts incredible workshops and online courses. She is also the queen of the hotel workation and most importantly is learning JiuJitsu.

Photo by: @rickyflorack




Musicians John Michael Rouchell and Alvin Ford, Jr. of Tysson

New Orleans duo Tysson creates effortless alternative pop music. Band members John Michael Rouchell and Alvin Ford, Jr. “are 20th century musicians living in the 21st century world.” Their new self-titled EP offers candid lyrics with vibrating electronic production that hits you square in the heart.

Photo By:@electraking





Coach and Business Strategist Cyndie Spiegel

Cyndie Spiegel is genuinely magnetic. She’s the type of person that will ask you a simple question that makes you feel like you could change the world. Following her instagram feed keeps you inspired and goal-focused. She created The Collective of Us as a business accelerator for women entrepreneurs.

Photo By: @irajames